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Degenerative Disease

Speech therapy benefits people with degenerative diseases like dementia, ALS, and Parkinson's Disease. 

We offer speech therapy to people with speech, language, cognitive, and swallow disorders.

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Speech Therapy (increasing intelligibility)

Loudness and strengthening/laryngeal therapy

Respiration exercises

Articulation/speaking rate exercises

Prosody exercises (to sound more natural, decreasing monotony in speech)

Energy conservation, reducing fatigue

Compensatory Strategies

Environmental changes (e.g., reducing background noise)

Voice amplifier

Educating communication partners

Augmentative/Alternative Communication

• Using low tech (e.g., gesturing, using pictures) or high tech (e.g.,

   communication device) to facilitate meaningful communicative exchanges


• Swallowing assessment and maintenance of safe techniques, including

   appropriate textures, eating strategies, and strengthening exercises


Various cognitive therapies (e.g. memory, attention, planning, safety

   awareness, and abstract thinking)

Visuospatial exercises (for change in visual awareness)

The following outlines areas of therapy focus:

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