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You Can Communicate

People who survive strokes or brain injury often have deficits in expressing themselves and understanding others. This is called aphasia. 

Aphasia is a loss of language that can be present in all areas including expressing oneself in speaking, signing, and writing and understanding spoken language, sign, and written words.


Although cognition can change after a stroke, aphasia in itself is not a loss of intelligence.

Sierra is a Eugene aphasia expert. She has many years of experience working with clients and their families to improve the ability to communicate. If you or a loved one has aphasia, speech therapy can be very helpful, you don't have to go it alone! Research shows that it is best to get help as soon as you can after you acquire aphasia, but you can also make improvements years later.

Sierra will complete a formal assessment to analyze your needs and interview you to determine your goals. She incorporates a wide variety of evidence-based techniques in order to ensure that each client meets their goals. 

Communication is key to a good quality life, therefore, Sierra will also use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). For clients, this can be in the form of learning sign language, drawing and writing messages, using a communication book, or utilizing a high-tech speech generating device.

Not one person should go without the ability to communicate, please call for a free phone consultation.

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Sierra is an Aphasia and Dysphagia Expert. Call now: 541.600.2028


Below is one of my Youtube videos on aphasia.

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