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With a simple computer set-up, anyone can work with an expert speech therapist. ​
Individuals can get help with the following via teletherapy:
Swallowing (depends)

Call and let us know you would like to start telehealth for a communication or swallowing disorder:


What to Expect

You will meet online with a certified and licensed speech pathologist

who works at Eugene Speech Therapy in Oregon. They will provide you with a link to the shared video chat and complete an interview and assessment. Once goals are established, you will continue to meet for therapy at the suggested frequency. Read about specific disorders and how we treat them here



Computer with camera and microphone (working properly by the first session, using a headset is recommended)

Email account to receive the video call link and documents 

• Medical history sent from doctor/diagnostics (if have a disorder)

**Caregiver participation is encouraged for technical support and exposure to strategies, however, is not required

Insurance & Payment

If you have private insurance and a communication or swallowing disorder:

• Some private insurance companies cover teletherapy, most will require the therapist to be licensed in your state

• If your provider doesn't cover telehealth for speech therapy, we offer a discount and sliding scale for people who cannot use insurance benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic 

• Our rates are as follows-

  • Assessment / $80-90

  • Treatment / $60-70

• The therapist will determine the candidacy for telehealth. Not all disorders are conducive to teletherapy. Having diagnostic/imaging information is helpful. For swallowing disorders, you will need a swallow study preceding our appointment 

• **Read Medicare beneficiary info below

If you have private insurance and want help with communication that is not diagnosed as a disorder:

• The therapist can assist with cognition and communication that people struggle with or want to change, but are not diagnosed with a disorder

• The therapist will determine who is a candidate for teletherapy

• Our rates for non-disorder therapies are as follows (gender affirmation voice therapy applies)-

  • Assessment / $50-60

  • Treatment / 30 minutes = $30-40 & 40 minutes = $40-50

If you have Medicare and have a communication or swallowing disorder:

Medicare beneficiaries cannot currently be treated via telehealth, because Medicare does not cover telehealth for speech therapy. We check daily to see if this changes. This may differ depending on your state servicer. If a speech therapist is billing Medicare for teletherapy in Oregon at this time, they are billing inaccurately

Medicare does allow for a brief check-in online to make a clinical decision. we can use this opportunity to speak with you online to help determine your risks and options. If we determine therapy is right for you, we will help guide you to resources and call you if Medicare changes their telehealth policy. 

If you want help with voice, communication, or cognition that isn't related to a disorder or accident/event, the above paragraph and cost applies to you