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Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing



At a Glance

We are excited to announce that our outpatient practice offers fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and stroboscopy.  FEES is a sensitive, accurate, portable, and safe diagnostic tool that yields clinically useful information relative to swallowing physiology and swallowing safety.  The benefits compared to videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS), which uses x-ray, are that it is well tolerated, allows in-office examination, avoids radiation exposure, can be repeated safely, accommodates more people (e.g., obesity, wheelchair bound), has less wait time, and is less expensive.  FEES demonstrates a sensitivity equal to or greater than VFSS in determining whether a patient is exhibiting penetration, aspiration, delay in swallowing initiation and pharyngeal residue. 
Stroboscopy uses a rigid or flexible scope inserted into the mouth or nose to view the vocal cords. When a strobe light is used, it allows us to see how the vocal cords move in slower motion. This greatly improves the ability to diagnose voice disorders accurately and comprehensively versus using a scope with no strobe lighting. 
Our FEES and stroboscopy therapists are highly qualified experts in voice and swallowing and provide invaluable diagnostic information to inform our therapy. Therapy can start right away, as the report is completed in-house and our SLP is present. 

EST is the only outpatient practice offering FEES and the only practice offering stroboscopy in Eugene. 

Set up a consultation 


Your Appointment

Your FEES or stroboscopy appointment will take 30-45 minutes in total. The SLP will insert a small fiberoptic camera into a nasal passageway or mouth (if using a rigid scope), then into the back of your throat, where it is positioned above the vocal cords.​ The SLPs will be able to see your anatomy, determine if there is anything out of ordinary, and will proceed to trialing different foods, liquids, and postures or voice strategies in order to see how your larynx functions. FEES is also an accurate way to diagnose aspiration. 


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We see clients first for an intake assessment and then schedule FEES if it is indicated. Stroboscopy can be scheduled prior to an initial visit. Please contact us to get started or have your doctor send us a referral that includes "FEES" or "stroboscopy" in the order.

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