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Brain Injury


People who survive brain injury can have difficulties with language expression and comprehension, speech, voicing, cognition, and swallowing. The range of severities are mild, moderate, and severe.

We offer speech therapy to people with brain injury

Call: 541.600.2028

Brain Injury cases, such as:

Car crashes

Stab wounds

Brain injuries can also be the result of:

One bad or multiple falls

A moment of decreased oxygen to the brain

Toxic exposure (i.e. drugs)

Pressure change (i.e. bomb from war)​

Sudden displacements

Below is one of my Youtube video's right brain injury.

We provide comprehensive therapy that is client/family centered, focusing on the changing needs of our clients. We incorporate therapies such as errorless learning to facilitate success and create functional goals so that clients can continue to participate meaningfully in life. We will work in your home or work place as well in order to facilitate carry over of skills and educate those involved. 

Visit for more videos.

We still see him improving with each session and your great techniques. You have given him such a gift of finding resolutions with problem areas and the gift of HOPE. - DT

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