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Children's Therapy Clinic


We provide speech therapy to children in Eugene and Springfield, OR. 

Like our parent company, Eugene Speech Therapy, we believe in family-centered care and evidence-based practice that is effective.


Our pediatric SLP has over 20 years-experience, is Oregon licensed, and certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


We provide services for articulation, language, augmentative communication, pragmatics, apraxia of speech, reading, and writing.

Are you worried your child has delayed speech or language? We provide comprehensive assessments and engaging treatment that takes into account your priorities and goals. Your child's therapy session takes place in a calm, one-on-one environment with a seasoned therapist. Studies link speech and language therapy to better academic outcomes. Speech therapy can help your child, especially when started early!

We provide pediatric speech therapy and evaluation.

Call now: 541.600.2028


We accept OHP to ensure equal access to care, however, all other services are self-pay.



  • Service based on need

  • No wait to initiate therapy

  • Avoid therapy denials and visit limits

  • Avoid common diagnosis-based restrictions

  • Improved efficiency of the practice, which drives down client costs and increases quality


We respect the needs of our kids and families and offer reasonable rates. If your family insurance plan has co-pays/coinsurance or a high deductible, it makes sense to pay out-of-pocket for services to have freedom from the insurance limitations and stressors. We have decided to take this approach for our families, so that services are dictated by our expert therapists, not insurance companies.


Most importantly, we offer high-quality services that use research-backed techniques, and that take into account the whole family. We care about our clients and pride ourselves in seeing progress made, communication improved, and a better future for your child.


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