Voice Therapy


Online voice therapy is great for those who:

Sing or speak for a living

Rely on their voice for work

Don't like their voice and what to change it

Have aged and their voice has changed

We offer speech therapy to people who want to improve their voice

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We work with all types of voice needs and teach you the following techniques:

• Appropriate vocal pitch and intonation

Gender transition voice

• Resonance technique

• Foundational knowledge (speech subsystems)

• Vocal hygiene and relaxation

• Respiratory strength training

• Vocal cord strengthening

• Vocal warm-ups

• When to know if you have developed a voice disorder

Work with a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist to improve your vocal quality and tone. We are experts in vocal functioning and can hear subtleties in each voice. You will learn new skills and complete a specialized home exercise plan, all while protecting your vocal cords from harm.


  • Computer and WiFi with a working camera 

  • Headset/mic is best

  • Complete an initial questionnaire/screener

Visit www.youtube.com/eugenespeechtherapy for videos.

I am ecstatic! I really didn't think it was possible. I really cannot convey what this means to me emotionally. She truly changed my life, and I'm very grateful. She has also made it fun. 

– Grant Smith

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