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Referring Professionals

  • Healthcare is changing. We understand value-based healthcare and the need to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • We focus on functional patient and family goals, using evidence-based treatment that works
       Physicians receive:​
  • Fast client intake with little to no wait time

  • Comprehensive reports with easy to read ST and LT goals

  • A communicative ally that believes clients benefit from a team approach

To refer to EST (BreatheWorks), use our referral form or send us a fax with the order and history at 1.833.262.1495

Refer to Speech Therapy:

Patients who demonstrate the following changes:

• Difficulty understanding others (e.g. you question if they understand you or 

   cannot answer simple/complex questions reliably)

• Word-finding deficit

• Difficulty reading/writing

• Slurred, nasal, hoarse, or unusual speech

• Reduced intelligibility/clarity of speech

• Change in voice quality, including hoarse, breathy, fatigued, or aphonic voice

• Poor volume of speech

• Unable to use communication device

• Decreased altertness, attention, or orientation

• Decreased memory or problem solving skills

• Coughing/choking during eating/drinking

• Poor oral intake or weight loss

• Food sticking in throat, food/drink coming out of nose

• Excess drooling

• Recurrent chest infections

• Initiation of gender transition

Referral Form

Refer to Speech Therapy:

Patients with the following etiologies:

• Brain injury (including recent significant/multiple falls)


• Vocal trauma or weakening (e.g., from aging voice, overuse, intubation, head/neck surgery, psychological event, or neurological conditions)

• Degenerative/congenital disease (e.g., Parkinson's Disease, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia)

• Head/neck cancer

• Gender Identity Disorder

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