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Rowdy Readers


With support from the American Parkinson’s Disease Association Northwest Chapter and the Stuart Family Charitable Trust, we have created a program that connects people with Parkinson's Disease (PWPD) and children. What makes them Rowdy Readers? Read below!

At a Glance

Rowdy Readers is a new, six-week program that focuses on improving communication and community involvement for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PWPD).

Members rehearse reading skills and voice exercises for four weeks with a speech-language pathologist, then visit with Kindergartners to read them story books. PWPD who struggle to communicate can strengthen their voice by completing daily exercises with the aid of an SLP, making it possible to communicate in a more engaging way. Reading to young children is a great way to practice this. What makes it Rowdy? The exercises include getting louder, more expressive, and speaking with more emphasis. In the end, this helps to improve intelligibility. 

The children we visit also benefit from this program by being exposed to literacy and people with differing abilities, and interacting with an older generation. Furthermore, the Rowdy Readers donate the books that they read!

If you would like to sign up for the next class or partner with us to read to your classroom, please contact us. There are currently two classes a year.