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Parkinson's Disease


People with Parkinson's Disease eventually lose the ability to communicate and swallow and speech therapy is very effective at delaying this process and maintaining skills. 
In a partnership with the University of Oregon's HEDCO Clinic, Sierra was awarded a grant from the Parkinson Voice Project to become certified in SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd.

Sierra Provides Individual and Group Therapy for People with Parkinson's Disease. Call now: 541.600.2028

At a Glance

Sierra sees clients throughout the life of their disease, first in one-on-one intensive therapy to re-learn how to communicate loudly and effectively. Graduates of the program then join the weekly LOUD Crowd group hosted by Hilyard Community Center and ran by Sierra or a partner. This is a unique opportunity for people with Parkinson's to maintain the progress they have made and build relationships with each other. There are regular check-ups and refreshers to ensure success.

​Sierra also provides additional services if further work on swallowing or cognition are needed. Sierra is VitalStim certified for swallowing treatment and uses evidence based cognitive therapy to focus on functional daily goals.

Not one person should go without the ability to participate in life, please call to get started!

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Before I would talk quite softly...and mumble. I would be unable to participate in groups, because nobody would hear. I would tend to begin to avoid social situations. Now I'm able to speak up more and be heard, its a simple, but effective program.
- Mike Barnes

SPEAK OUT!® is a highly effective speech therapy program developed by Parkinson Voice Project.

SPEAK OUT!®  is the first step in Parkinson Voice Project’s two-part therapy approach.  SPEAK OUT!® typically consists of twelve individual speech therapy sessions conducted by a speech-language pathologist. Together, the patient and the speech-language pathologist work their way through a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises outlined in a comprehensive workbook provided to every patient in the U.S. as a gift from Parkinson Voice Project. Each therapy session lasts 40-45 minutes. The primary goals of SPEAK OUT!® are to strengthen the muscles used for speaking and swallowing and to teach patients how to speak with intent. Once patients complete SPEAK OUT!®, they transition to the second part of Parkinson Voice Project’s program called The LOUD Crowd®.

Parkinson Voice Project treats individuals with Parkinson’s and Parkinson-plus syndromes in its speech therapy clinic in Richardson, Texas and also trains speech-language pathologists from other clinics through in-person workshops and online instruction.  The organization’s vision is that people with Parkinson’s worldwide will have access to SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd®.

For more information on the Parkinson Voice Project's SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd programs:


​For information on Parkinson's Resources of Oregon in Lane County visit:

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