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Voice Disorder


Millions of people have difficulty with their voice whether it is from a neurological issue, intubation, stroke or brain injury, vocal misuse, GERD, degenerative disease, gender transition, or head/neck cancer. We work with ENTs, neurologists and gastroenterologists to diagnose voice disorders and provide holistic therapy.

We are the only providers in Lane County to offer laryngeal stroboscopy for voice diagnostics. Stroboscopy allows us to view the vocal cords in slow motion to assist in the most accurate diagnosis of voice disorders.

We offer speech therapy to people with voice disorders

Call: 541.600.2028

We work with all types of voice disorders/changes,

some areas include:

• Parkinson's disease

Gender transition

Vocal cord dysfunction (a.k.a laryngospasm or paradoxical vocal cord               movement disorder)

• Muscle tension dysphonia

• Vocal fold bowing (a.k.a presbyphonia)

Vocal fold paralysis

Vocal fold atrophy and Presbyphonia

Spasmodic dysphonia

• Essential vocal tremor

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Voice therapy at EST takes the whole person into consideration. Once we establish your personal goals and take comprehensive diagnostics, we create a treatment plan to get your voice back and prevent you from further damage. Some therapies include learning the foundations of voice (e.g., breath and posture) and establishing better techniques so you can heal your voice and not hurt it. You may learn to adapt your resonance, vocal pitch, and phrasing. We also teach intensive exercise programs to strengthen the voice and proven laryngeal relaxation techniques to release tension and change habits. We complete circumlaryngeal massage and respiratory strength training when needed.

Visit for videos.

I am ecstatic! I really didn't think it was possible. I really cannot convey what this means to me emotionally. She truly changed my life, and I'm very grateful. She has also made it fun. 

– Grant Smith

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